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DAZL Messy Bear

Messy Bear
Messy Bear
NARR: 101023/NM
Color: Russian Fawn
Ears: Dumbo
Coat: Standard
Markings: Hooded
D.O.B. 6/28/10
D.O.D. 2/23/13
Cause of Death: Euthanasia due to age related decline.
Litter Page: Carebears: Skidaddle x Imma Be at DAZL
Breeding Status: Pet Only, Never Bred
Show Results: RFL 2010 - Did not Place
Notes: Messy bear is an adorable little guy who tried to be a hooded, but has a goofy set of blotches for his back. It just makes him more adorable, and more his namesake. We loved this name too, it just seemed way too cute of a name for a ratty! :D He is more laid back and a great tucker when taken out to be snuggled! And when he gets going he pops, jumps, and runs around just as fast as his brother Bedtime Bear does! He seems to enjoy being held and carried around, and often seems to just want to hang out with people! He loves to explore and likes to try to get into spaces where he can't be reached, and sneak forward just enough to give kisses before scrambling back away - he finds it to be a great game! He's a very loving guy who has maintained a high energy level while being a great cuddler at the same time.

Messy grew into a sweet old man who hung on for quite a while after losing his brother and his buddy, still always coming to the door for attention when we'd go past. He developed a tumor on his side, mostly likely a mammary tumor, which eventually got to be a fair size (approximately 2 inches x 1 inch), but it never seemed to bother him. Over time he ended up slowly losing weight, as well as losing the use of his back legs, and developing some respiratory noises. Eventually he seemed to be having a fairly significant amount of trouble moving himself around, as well as showing some neurologic signs (circling) that hint that his troubles might also be related to a pituitary tumor, which is also no uncommon for rats. He was having trouble eating on his own or being able to move where he wanted to go, and we made the decision to let him go peacefully rather than let him continue to degrade. He was still enjoying snuggles right up to the end! We'll miss our goofy boy who is now reunitied with his old buddies.

RFL 2010 Judge Notes: Very Good condition, Temperament. Very Good to Good Ears, Tail. Good Substance, Coat, Head, Body, Color. Good to Fair Markings. Remarks: Doughy body. Coat fine for male. Short stripe for a hooded. Small eyes. Some Silvering.

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